Within the REMO project duration three events are planned serving the three main target groups.

Information conference for sending/hosting organisations
In the first place, these organisations are companies from different sectors sending their initial VET learners to other organisations for a placement or for practical training or who receive initial VET learners for a placement within their own organisation.
The event has taken place in April 2016 in Slovenia.


Information conference for VET organisations
This conference will invite VET organisations covering the field of initial VET, such as VET schools, VET training centres and political decision makers for VET institutions, who are dedicated to the issues and discussions concerning quality assurance in VET mobility.
The event has taken place in October 2016 in Austria.


Information event for learners in initial VET
One event is also dedicated to the important target group of learners in initial VET themselves. It will be offered in a format designed especially for this young target group, actively involving young participants. Sending and hosting organisations will also be able to present themselves and therefore will also serve as an ideal matching and motivating opportunity for fostering mobility.
The event has taken place in November 2016 in Austria.