Intellectual Outputs/Products

Within the project framework we will develop four main intellectual outputs, making them accessible to the general public as well.


Research Study

In order to develop an environment meeting the needs and requirements of all target groups, we are undertaking introductory research across Europe. Learners in initial VET, VET organisations, HR managers and external stakeholders are being asking about

  • the regional dimension, as REMO fosters mobility within European neighbour countries
  • mobility, as we would like to profit from experiences, views and needs in respect of working and learning mobility to provide suitable and useful information
  • the online platform, as we would like to know about important features and shared content that should influence our development
  • the network, as being part of it will guarantee a sustainable approach and a wider choice of accessible services.




Process Descriptions

The process descriptions form the core document in relation to the quality implementation of initial VET mobility within the REMO project. ISO 9001:2008 coherent quality process descriptions will be developed by taking into account the

  • process descriptions from the European Charta for Quality in Mobility,
  • European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) transparency instruments and
  • standards and requirements of ISO 9001 as the international standard for process quality.

REMO Platform

As the core structure and core output for connecting all of the target groups, the REMO platform will be the basis for the exchange of know-how, experiences as well as for concrete search options for hosting and sending organisations and interested VET learners.

Everyone who is involved in vocational education and training (VET) will be able

  • to be informed,
  • inform others and
  • connect and interact with each other for the planning and implementation of mobility actions (learning and working mobility).

For learners, VET organisations and the world of work the online platform will allow for the

  • planning,
  • organisation and
  • implementation of VET mobility.

REMO Network

By providing a legal structure that is able to maintain and support the objectives reached during the project duration, the REMO network also ensures a sustainable structure for long-term cooperation between the participating organisations. Therefore, the network will

students looking at tablet pc at school
  • be a legal body (non profit association),
  • have members (natural persons or legal bodies) from all participating countries representing the main target groups of the REMO project,
  • have a working programme for the two consecutive years following the project’s end,
  • have a financial plan for financing the project activities and
  • have legally correct statutes for the network.