The aims of the REMO project are

  • to foster regional mobility of vocational education and training (VET) learners in Europe and
  • improve the quality and efficiency in VET mobility with appropriate and manageable tools,
  • through cooperation between VET and the world of work,
  • putting emphasis on the transparency of skills and competences.

Therefore, an online platform and a network will be developed allowing everyone involved in vocational education and training (VET) to be informed, to inform and to connect/interact with each other concerning the planning and implementation of mobility actions (learning and working mobility). For learners, VET organisations and the world of work the online platform will support the planning, organisation and implementation of VET mobility.

The steps that will be taken in order to achieve this are to

  • implement an introductory research study, as we want to develop a platform that meets the needs and requirements of all target groups,
  • develop ISO 9001:2008 coherent process descriptions, taking into account the 10 key process descriptions from the European Charta for Quality in Mobility and the standards and requirements of the European Credit Transfer System of Vocational Education and Training (ECVET),
  • establish an online platform as an exchange and interaction environment, providing the developed ISO 9001:2008 coherent process descriptions for mobility and
  • create a network of stakeholders and interested organisations in order to provide a sustainable structure for cooperation by participating organisations in the REMO project and beyond.

The main target groups of REMO therefore are

  • VET sending organisations,
  • VET hosting organisations,
  • VET learners,
  • political decision makers in VET,
  • interest representatives of companies and employees and
  • regional development agencies and experts.
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